James Lewis Dent

James Lewis "Jim" Dent had a long and varied career.  Growing up at Breeden, there were very few opportunities for a young man so when  America entered World War I, he and brother Thomas were in the army. During the 1920s and 1930s he worked as a coal miner.  He saved enough money to open a grocery store in Breeden and then World War II came along.  In the 1940 election, he supported the winning side and was rewarded with a deputy sheriffs position.  He was able to purchase a bar/road-house north of Williamson on the highway above the N & W Railroad named the "Tunnel Inn" , where he made a ton of money.  He served as jailor for several years and retired to Matewan and later to Delbarton where he died in 1985.


Ruby Dent

Only child of James Lewis Dent