Doug Ferguson

Who am I and where did my ancestors come from?

British Isles, Sweden, Denmark & Norway            

Why do a website?

       For more than 20 years I have been collecting information on my family.  I have reached a point where I should write a book or create a website.  Books are nice but much of the data become stale in a short while.  A website can be dynamic and can be updated with a minimum of effort.

       My paternal ancestors include Ferguson, Roer (Rorrer), Irick, Marcum, Damron, Copley,  Handy & Clay.

      My maternal ancestors include Dent, Williamson, Walton, Kirk, Fishburne, Cook & Stone.

     I will be concentrating my effort on the following families:  Ferguson, Dent, Roer & Kirk.

    The menu at top of page will direct you to the correct side of my family. 


I recently had DNA testing.  The results are below.


Our Matriarch

        Delcie Lea Dent Ferguson was born on December 15th, 1919.  She and the late Edgar (Edd) Ferguson were married on April 19th, 1937. I was born on May 5th, 1938 and over the next 17 years our family grew to 9 children - 5 girls and 4 boys.

         Mom presently lives with  her 3rd son, Jimmy & his wife Dinah, near Inez, Kentucky.

                                                                Mom passed in February 2012.